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Dear users and partners,

We wish all of you peaceful happy holidays’ days. We are doing our best for a good year closing and planning for better services and products for you in new year 2016 coming very soon.

Thank you for working with us or using our services and solutions. We assure you that we conceive and design our software solutions with you in mind.

To your success!

Dr Pedro Puig.
Managing Director, Trace Software International


elecworks™ for PTC® Creo®, electrical and mechanical departments closer than ever

Trace Software has launched a new solution targeted for PTC users who require an electrical and mechanical design integration. This new software solution marks a breakthrough for the project design because both electrical and mechanical teams can now work in parallel resulting in significant time savings.

elecworks™ for PTC Creo® ensures a real-time bidirectional link between 2D schematics and 3D PTC models, which is an important advantage for PTC users. This means that anything done in 2D schematics is automatically updated and available in 3D drawings. An internal software messaging enables seamless communication between team members within software 2D or 3D.

Designers can place 3D versions of all electrical parts into their model, and run wires/cables/harnesses in 3D to connect all electrical equipment.

Discover main features, benefits and advantages of this new solution here.

elec calc™ 2016, the new elec calc export for automatic quotations

On the occasion of the Interclima+Elec held in Paris in November, Trace Software has unveiled its new calculation program, elec calc 2016. This new generation of software relies on the expertise of normative calculations made with the current elec calc but brings real market disruption in several ways.
First, elec calc 2016 enables real-time calculations on the HV and LV installations in a single tool. Secondly, it offers an intelligent interface design, called IntelliSense, which provides contextually symbols that can be applied as a logical suite of the ongoing drawing made by the designer. This assistance helps the designer while allowing a much faster drawing design. You can get started very quickly with a much reduced training time. This interface works on touchscreen on Android, iOS or Windows Phone platforms.

This new solution will be on the market in 2016 but a video is available on request. For current elec calc customers, a special migration offer will be sent that will allow them to keep as well their current license during the transition time. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on


This edition of Interclima + Elec 2015 held in Paris from 2 to 6 November was a great success. We thank all our visitors who came to our demonstrations. In addition to the usual range of products for CAD (elecworks suite), electrical calculation (calc elec suite) and photovoltaic design (Archelios suite), we introduced two major new solutions: elec calc 2016 (see article above ) with elec live for sharing power projects online and elecworks ™ for PTC© Creo ©  (see article above) to integrate 3D electrical design into the existing PTC© Creo © platform.

Fise 2015

Held last week of November in Medellín, Colombia, Fise 2015 joined the most important Colombian electrical industry. Trace Software were there with our solutions for the electrical design, electrical calculation and photovoltaic installations, as well as all the news for 2016.

In addition, visitors could attend the confernce given by Guillem Fiter, Trace Software, Export Manager, under the title : «The photovolaic industry in Latin America » Thank you all for coming.


Launch of the Friends Program

Announced in our last newsletter, the Friends Program enables you to refer a friend who might be interested in one of our solutions and to receive a € 50 Amazon gift voucher as a reward. This program is only available for France and Spain for the time being.



elecworks allows to customize shortcut keys to make users life easier! Read more...

» Quick Devis, the new elec calc export for automatic quotations

Trace Software and Quotalys have formed a partnership to make compatible the elec calc and Quick Devis software. This partnership enables you to export your electrical installation from elec calc to Quick Devis to automatically get a quote for your installation from the chosen equipment references.
Trace Software reinforces its services through this partnership: it provides companies which have elec calc and Quick Devis with the opportunity to increase their performance and to avoid the duplication of processed information. This synergy is particularly interesting since Quick Devis is a leading solution in the market, very well established in the industry and the electrical engineering. Quick Devis is appreciated as an open quote tool that adapts to the methods of its customers. It is available in 8 languages ​​(English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese). More information about Quick Devis on their website.

Trace Software at Interclima 2015 (in English & French)

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